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Truth Sound

by Nicholas Naioti

Truth Sound is the second MR NASTI album, released on vinyl LP through Maximum Ames Records on September 23, 2014. Truth Sound was Nicholas’ first project after an extended tour and a move to Iowa. It is upbeat and has broad-reaching arrangements, combining a kaleidoscopic blend of organic and electonic. The lyrics are brutally honest and optimistic.

John Molseed of Pulse Magazine wrote "Truth Sound is an aural kaleidoscope of synth sounds and beats mixed with a little acoustic instrumentation to add soulful dynamics. Despite danceable, hooky beats, it’s the lyrics that give this album its genuine emotional wallop... It is a fearless celebration of life. “Truth sound” is less an album title and more of a mission statement. It would be arrogant if it weren't so well accomplished. He isn’t preaching about truth but crafting songs that look for meaning and truth in life, art, communication, relationships and death."

Order the 12" vinyl from Maximum Ames Records here.