"Nicholas Sebastian Naioti writes music that forces us to come to grips with the anxiety in a situation like this one, where we're measuring ourselves against some fictitious stick, some marking on the wall or some muted, but looped voice that makes our head feel like it's pounding... They remind that the only thing that really matters is kindness and bettering oneself to create more good and kindness, but so many other fears and distractions get in the way."

-Sean Moeller, Daytrotter

“Being in love with sentimental and ravishing soundscapes, I fell in awe for Nicholas Naioti's compositions that stand on powerful pillars, orchestral string arrangements, indie rock influence and highly enjoyable synths. Collecting art rock vibes, arcane melodies, candid narratives and thumping moments, lyrically Naioti reveals an honest look on light and dark sides of oneself and relationships. Self-acceptance, unrequited love, heartbreaks and loneliness, the beauty of nowness, bygone and becoming.“

-Cloudberry Mornings Music Blog


"The newest Maximum Ames Records release, Naioti’s “Truth Sound,” is an aural kaleidoscope of synth sounds and beats mixed with a little acoustic instrumentation to add soulful dynamics. Despite danceable, hooky beats, it’s the lyrics that give this album its genuine emotional wallop...  It is a fearless celebration of life. “Truth sound” is less an album title and more of a mission statement. It would be arrogant if it weren't so well accomplished. He isn’t preaching about truth but crafting songs that look for meaning and truth in life, art, communication, relationships and death. “Do the songs come from my heart or are they nothing more than a mating call,” he asks in “Mating Call.” His truthful answer: He doesn’t know... The music makes “Truth Sound” a fun listen for danceable beats. Its lyrics make for a deeper experience if one pays closer attention."

-John Molseed, Pulse Magazine


"Nicholas Naioti is one of those people whose face and voice effortlessly convey his sincerity and joy... The consistent thread through all his tireless music-making is his heart, his desire to connect to audiences and share his love of life... The result is a charming, energizing and life-affirming experience in rock that will echo in your ears after the show and stay in your heart for the rest of your life."

-Nate Logsdon, Des Moines Music Coalition


"Nicholas is a unique artist. In his day to day life, he owns a restaurant in Fairfield. The couple of interactions I’ve had with him, he seems very mild-mannered and humble. On stage, that mild-mannered nature doesn’t altogether disappear, it is hugged into this charismatic and gifted singer-songwriter. He is coffeehouse in nature, but electronic in presentation. He brings a lot of the best of both scenes into one blur of lights and noise and beauty... a beautiful mix of love and hope and occasional despair."

-Dave Murphy, Des Moines Is Not Boring Blog


"Nicholas creates music that will party with you and hold your hand at the same time. It's a rocketship and a hymn. I'd be lying if I said I'd never cried while driving and listening to it."

-Philip Rabalais, David Lynch Foundation


"Naioti writes music that makes you think—and hopefully even more than that, take action and apply it on your own terms. Truth Sound is a reflection of Naioti’s life philosophy: live honestly with yourself and the people around you and good things will follow. I think that’s advice that we can—and should—all take to heart."

-Cody Osen, Band Bombshell


"Although Mr. Nasti is the solo project of Nicholas Sebastian Naioti, [Truth Sound] features dueling male and female vocals laid over pointed guitar hits and shimmering synthesizers... It really is a wonderful end of summer indie jam."

-Surviving The Golden Age

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