MR NASTI (self titled CD)

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MR NASTI (self titled CD)

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This album represents Nicholas’ first forays into the blending of organic and electronic, collaborative approaches to arrangement, and inquisitive and curious lyricism. It is a psych-rock / shoegaze album, featuring a six piece band that grinds through meditative and exploratory sonic reverberations, but remains grounded through seasoned melodies and classic instruments. The songs are sprawling chasmic voyages, evolving between genres. It blends post-rock, psychedelia, electronic, and folk music.

1 - Tell Nicholas I Said Hello
2 - Death Song
3 - Caught Up In The Hype
4 - Innovation
5 - Numbers
6 - Sound Foundation
7 - Dyin' of Loneliness
8 - Unique Equation
9 - Do You?

Songs written and recorded by Nicholas Naioti
Additional vocals by Anna Gebhardt, Nicole Brenny, and Donald Modo
Drums performed by Taylor Cole
Bass by Shea Langner
Keyboards by Donald Modo
Additional sound effects and programming by Alex Fun

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