MR NASTI (self titled CD)

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MR NASTI (self titled CD)

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This is the debut MR NASTI album, released in 2012. 
This album will transform your otherwise mundane, meaningless existence into a utopian fantasy world. Crushing psychedelic shoegaze odysseys though the eternal psyche.

1 - Tell Nicholas I Said Hello
2 - Death Song
3 - Caught Up In The Hype
4 - Innovation
5 - Numbers
6 - Sound Foundation
7 - Dyin' of Loneliness
8 - Unique Equation
9 - Do You?

Songs written and recorded by Nicholas Naioti
Additional vocals by Anna Gebhardt, Nicole Brenny, and Donald Modo
Drums performed by Taylor Cole
Bass by Shea Langner
Keyboards by Donald Modo
Additional sound effects and programming by Alex Fun

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