I'm On Your Side.jpg

I'm On Your Side

by Nicholas Naioti

This is Nicholas’ 2019 album, “I’m On Your Side.” Lyrically, this album seeks to confront the topics of social division, radical forgiveness, self-acceptance, unrequited love, and existential awareness. Musically, the album interweaves electronic and organic sounds. Orchestral string and woodwind arrangements intertwine with oscillating harmonic synths and warm, kaleidoscopic samples gathered over years of touring. It’s an honest embrace of the beauty and darkness of relationships and all the curious facets thereof - passion, obsession, desire, heartbreak, and loneliness. It braids together the poetic, the literal, and the metaphor. This album features collaborations with Brooks Strause, Rae Fitzgerald, Josie Overmyer, Tommy Boynton, Justin LeDuc, Ryan Stier, Jackson Lawhead, Brendan O’Donnell, Laura Bigger and Seth Moore. You can order a physical copy of this album in the shop.